Why Ray?



The husband wants to go on a diet. The kids demand their delicious treats. The parents want to eat healthy. Sounds like a familiar struggle? Do you often find yourself caught in between, trying to strike that delicate balance between flavour and health? Does whipping up the perfect meal for everyone sometimes seem like a distant dream?

It’s time to stop worrying and get back to your love for cooking. Introducing Ray Cooking Spray – a revolutionary cooking essential that will transform every dish into a masterpiece. How, you ask? To begin with it has a unique dispensing mechanism. That means you can use exactly the amount of oil you need for your dish. Reducing your regular oil intake by 10 times and fat consumption by 80%. So, now you don’t have to worry about that seemingly-impossible taste-health balance.

What’s more, Ray comes in 4 wonderful variants – Sunflower, Olive, Rice Bran and Groundnut. Which means you can cook literally anything with it. From continental salads and grills to Indian curries, veggies and everything in between. Happy cooking!